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All of your childhood fantasies are about to come true!  The Batmobile Phone is case is for sale now!  Whether you’re 10 or 100 years old, you have to admit this is an awesome phone case.  Not only does it look cool but it is also functional!  Now when your family or friends call with an “emergency”, you jump into character with your batmobile phone case and save the day.  I know, it’s a little over the top but hey, might as well have a conversation piece in your pocket, right?

Ok, now for all of the cool extras this baby includes.

LED Lighting

That’s right, the Batman logo shine onto any surface via led lights and a projecter that is built into the unit.  That’s only scratching the surface of what this thing is capable of though.

Camera Cover

Well, the wheels actually pop out to activate your phone’s camera lens.  I’m such a fanboy, this is freaking awesome!

Home Button Cover

Love the utility belt that Batman wears?  This Batmobile phone case has one built in!  Your home button cover is an exact replica of Batman’s utility belt.

If you’re a fan of Batman or more specifically Tim Burton’s Batman Movie, you are going to love this phone case.  There’s no amount words I can use to describe how awesome this thing is and I’m really glad I found the Batmobile Phone Case for Sale. 

Want One?  Get it here!

Batmobile PHone Case

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